Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

I bought a set of sheets made from brushed microfiber (Cosy House Sheets), and my wife and I absolutely loved them. I wanted to get a second set of brushed microfiber sheets to have a spare when one was being washed and dried. In short, these sheets are exactly identical to the Cosy House Sheets (which I was happy about).

SOFT - I really like the feel of these sheets. They are very soft and make no noise if you roll over in bed. To give you a better idea of their "softness", I have some crib sheets that a different type of soft. Those crib sheets (Ziggy Baby Crib Sheet Set) are similar in feel to a thin version of a microfiber blanket. These sheets from Mellanni are soft as well, but in a different way. To me, they feel like a cross between cotton and silk sheets. These sheets remind me of sheets at a high-end hotel.

THIN SHEETS - These sheets are on the thin side, so I think these are better suited for warm-weather sheets.

DEEP POCKETS - As you can see from my pictures, these sheets have deep pockets. My 100% cotton sheets would ride up the mattress every night. I have an approximately 14.5" mattress. These sheets fit the mattress comfortably and stay in place.

PILLOWS - The pillows are very large. If you have small or medium-sized pillows, you might have some excess pillow cover. I wouldn't think having extra would be a problem but it' worth noting. The pillows have a 3 lines embroidered into them. It's a nice touch to the pillow (the sheets do not have this embroidery).

WASHING/STAINS - These sheets don't shrink in the wash. I haven't tested the product claim that these sheets are stain resistant at this point.

LIFETIME WARRANTY - The nice part about these sheets are they come with a lifetime warranty.

I received this product for free. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. Please comment with any feedback and/or product questions below.
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