Monday, March 21, 2016

Basstyle Bluetooth 4.0 Outdoor/Shower Speaker

Speaker, Micro USB cable (for charging), 2-sided 3.5mm audio cable (AUX-in cable), and a user manual

I briefly give a glance of the speaker and accessories. I also give a short test/demonstration.

Size, charge time, run time, Bluetooth pairing:
The speaker itself is the width of a soda can, but slightly longer. Battery life depends on how you use the speaker (high volume or low volume, Bluetooth vs auxiliary cable, etc.). However, it should last between 8-10 hours. Charging time is between 5-6 hours to fully charge. The 2 speakers are 6-watt speakers a piece with Bluetooth transmission of up to approximately 30 ft. Speaking of Bluetooth, pairing the device is very easy. Turn the power on the speaker, enable the Bluetooth function on your phone, iPod, etc. and wait for your device to pick up the signal from this speaker. When your picks up this speaker, click on it to enable it and that's it!

There are rubber bumpers on the top, bottom, and sides. The cover for the power port and 3.5mm audio cable seals to make the speaker water resistant or water proof (I haven't tested this claim to see if it's water proof but the owner's manual states both which is a bit confusing). I haven't had an issue with it, but other reviewers have had small problems. At any rate it's worth noting.

Using the speakers:
You can use the volume rocker when using the Bluetooth function. When using the cord, you must adjust volume from your device. The speakers themselves are very nice for this class of product. The speakers get very loud without any discernible distortion. The bass isn't top end like you'd get out of a stereo system, but there is certainly noticeable bass with these speakers. These speakers are certainly nice in comparison to similar products.

I'm very impressed with this small but capable set of speakers. The sound is great. The bass is sufficient. The battery lasts for a while. Charging might be a bit longer than others, but I like the tradeoff of longer operating times. Overall, this is a solid product and a good value.

I received this product for free. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!
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