Monday, March 28, 2016

Degree Men Dry Spray

I've been trying all sorts of deodorants recently. I was very upset when I bought some new deodorant (because the old was staining) and the new deodorant stained my favorite, new t-shirts. I decided to switch to this spray after receiving a sample for free. I was hopeful that it wouldn't stain, but I was pleasantly surprised that it keeps me dry even longer than my former deodorant. My previous stick deodorants only lasted about 18 hours or less. My wife gave birth last weekend. I wasn't able to shower for 2 days due to all the craziness. I ended up staying 5 of 6 nights in the hospital with my wife. At any rate, this deodorant was still working well up until that shower on day 2. After this weekend, I came home and ordered 3 cans from Amazon. I can't wait to see what they smell like!

UPDATE: 4/11/16
I like the deodorant so much that I went and bought several different scents. It really does a good job of keeping me dry and my shirts stain-free!

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