Wednesday, March 9, 2016

TriNova Plastic & Trim Restorer

This restorer is an 8 oz bottle with a pop top, and it comes with a circular sponge. It is intended for use on plastic, vinyl and rubber. It is intended to repel rain, dirt, and salt. The label on the bottle warns against contact with eyes and skin. This is a "gel". I use the term loosely, because it's consistency is somewhere in between a gel and liquid. It is clear like water.

I applied this product to a mailbox first. I then used it on various locations in my 2004 Toyota Camry: the plastic buttons/knobs on the door and ceiling, cupholders, console, dashboard, radio, kickplates on the door, the odometer cover, etc. This product seems very simliar in principle and application to a product like Armor All that I've used before. You can take a look at some of my before and after pictures to get an idea of how it restores plastics. My mailbox really pops and shines in the sun now. That was really easy to do.

Applying it to the car was easy as well. However, you really have to use some elbow grease on spots with caked on dirt or grime. I wouldn't say this product is excellent at removing dirt. Take for instance the picture of my sunroof knob. I kind of forgot about cleaning that over the years. It's just somewhat out of sight. I tried cleaning that knob and it came off, but it took some a good deal of effort. I imagine vinyl with the different textures would be even a touch more difficult. Having said that, this product does an excellent job at restoring the luster, or shine. I am very satisfied in that regard.

This product isn't perfect, because it takes a bit of work to remove grime. However, I am very pleased with it's ability to restore the shine to rubber, plastics and vinyl.

I received this product for free. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!

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