Sunday, June 5, 2016

Homdox 20-Inch 52cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw Tree Chainsaw CS5200

- Gasoline Chain Saw,
- 20" bar and chain,
- Scabbard cover (for protection against the chain amidst transportation)
- Oil & Gas Tank (for mixing purposes),
- Owner's Manual (English language only),
- 2 Allen's wrenches,
- Guard teeth
- Combination Screwdriver and wrench for adjusting bar and chain
- Small screw driver for adjusting amount of chain lubricant dispensed
other parts the picture shows.(Not all parts in manual are included.)
- Pouch for carrying tools included

Please see the picture I posted for details. Having said that, there are a couple things I want to point out:
1. The box says it is a 3.0 HP chain saw while the listing and manual states a 2.6 HP engine
2. The instructions state it is compatible with an 18", 20" and 22" bar. However, the box states 18" and 20"
I have asked that question in the section above, because I don't have the answers to them at the time of this review. I figured others might want to know, so I hope the manufacturer answers the question for all to see.

I've used strictly Stihl chain saws for cutting trees in the past. I currently have 2 that I use around the house and on 450 acres. I'm not a logger or farmer by profession, but I've used them enough to know my way around a chain saw.

As you might expect, you have a bit of assembly to do. You have to install the guard teeth (extremely easy) with 2 bolts using the supplied allen's wrench. Next you install the bar and chain and tighten. This is standard with any chain saw. If you aren't sure how to do it, you can watch a YouTube video. There are hundreds on how to install the bar and chain. It's not too difficult though.

The chain saw cold starts up very easily. It's probably easier to start than either of my Stihl's. See video for more details.

The first thing I used this for was to remove a tree that had fallen and tore down the barbed wire fencing. The saw was easily able to cut the tree. Granted, this tree wasn't 300 years old. It was probably 15" in diameter. The saw had power to sufficiently cut through the tree with no issues. I've used it a few times since then and have been pleased. I had to adjust the automatic flow of chain lubricant on the bottom (you turn a screw with the included screwdriver). The balance of the saw is very similar to my other saws. It has molded grips with rubber bumps on it. The bumps provide positive grip with the saw, particularly if you choose to use gloves. If you are using your bare hands, it might be a bit rough after hours of use.

Any downsides? I wish this saw came with a carry case where you could throw in your tools and a can of bar and chain lubricant. However, it's hard to argue about that given the price. Also, I don't know what the warranty on this saw is. I think that should be listed on Amazon somewhere as well as in the owner's manual.

I think this saw is intended for homeowners and ranchers/farmers wanting a medium duty saw. If you are a professional logger or using your saw for hours, you want to upgrade (as you would expect).

I received this product at a discount for purposes of testing and reviewing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!


  1. Hi Chip, thanks for posting some information on this Homdox saw, there's really not many reviews or discussion about these saws anywhere else. I just took a chance and bought the 62CC version, I'm definitely a little nervous about the purchase but for $130 I thought it was worth a try.

    1. Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing. If it didn't work out, maybe I could at least recoup part of that. If you have problems, let me know and I will put you in touch with one of their employees who could likely help. Good luck and I hope you like it!

    2. I cant seem to find anything online for replacement bar and chains.

    3. I don't believe it takes a special bar and chain. I think it should work with any 18 or 20" bar and chain.

  2. www.aliexpress.comn

    im geting 2 Homax 20inch 60cc gas chain saws for only 176.66 shiped for both
    i think that s a good deal

  3. www.aliexpress.comn

    im geting 2 Homax 20inch 60cc gas chain saws for only 176.66 shiped for both
    i think that s a good deal

    1. I hadn't had a chance to use the 60cc chain saw, but I hope you like them!

  4. I purchased mine off Ebay for $79.80 and free shipping.
    Homdex CS5200, 52cc, 25:1 mixture, 20" chain.
    Tried a few test cuts and I am impressed with the value.
    This is a very good chainsaw.
    Beats a Poulan which sells for twice the price.

    BTW, is this a clone of the Stihl, Husquarvana, ???

    1. I did see a review somewhere that mentioned it having a Husqvarna built engine, but I haven't been able to confirm that. Still haven't had a chance to put mine together and give er a try but probably will this weekend. Glad you seemed to have a good first impression, I'm still nervous about my purchase!

  5. I finally got around to putting the saw together today and I'm finding a strange issue when I try to start it. When I watch the video the second step when you go to start it is to lock the throttle, then pull the choke out (the instruction book says the same). My saw has no knob or any other mechanism of being able to lock the throttle, so I'm not able to get it started. Has anyone else with the 62cc model had that issue or am I completely missing something? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

    1. Take a picture of the handle/throttle/choke area of the saw and send it to I'll try to help. If I can't help, I'll give you the contact information for a worker there. I had a question and they sent me a video.

      On mine, there is a black piece on the upper-left portion of the handle that you press and then depress the throttle. That then locks the throttle.

  6. Can you please tell me where to get a replace chain? And the chain number and size,please? We have tried a 20 inch and an 18 chain from home depot and it will not fit correctly. We have the Homdox 5200cc 20

    1. Here is a chain that they recommend using:

      They recommend using 0.325" 058 gauge