Monday, February 15, 2016

Ziggy Baby Crib Sheet Set (2-pack)

- Made of 100% high quality jersey cotton
- Universal Fit for Standard Crib Mattress
- Adorable Pink Designs for Girls
- Lightweight, soft and breathable
- Great baby shower gift for Girls!
- Deep 9" pockets for a secure fit

I chose these sheets, because they match the motif of our nursery precisely. We have a blush pink, white and gray theme. These sheets are white with either pink polka dots or chevron stripes (2 separate sheets). The two sheets arrived together in a package. I knew instantly upon pulling them out of the package that I liked the way the sheets looked.

After taking them out of the package, I felt just how soft these sheets are! I wondered to myself if these sheets would be this soft after washing them. Before I was able to determine that, I wanted to make sure the sheets fit the bed. They fit well as the picture shows. You can see that there is a deep enough pocket that you don't have to worry about the sheets slipping up the side. Both sheets were the same size (as you would expect). 

I washed these sheets in accordance with the directions on the tag. I put the sheets back on the crib mattress, and there was no shrinking. The sheets were just as soft as they were when they arrived.

DISCLAIMER: I received these sheets at a full promotional discount. The review above is based on my own experiences using the product.

You can find these sheets on Amazon - Click Here


  1. Awww this picture made me smile! I can't wait for her to get here!

  2. Is that because you aren't sleeping well now, or you are ready for little Annie to come :)?

  3. Aww, these sheets are so cute. I'm sure you both can't wait for your little one to arrive.

  4. We are! There's so much anticipation, worry, "not knowing", and everything under the sun. We're excited though!