Tuesday, March 29, 2016

CRLight 6W Non Dimmable LED Filament Candle Light Bulb

I have been using halogen candelabra lights for years in my outdoor fixtures. I used them, because the steep costs associated with LED lights and I was worried I would never find a match in color temperature to my other outdoor lights that aren't LED (2,700K for the halogen lights I use). However, I grew tired of replacing light bulbs every 6 months, approximately. I keep the lights on 4 hours each night on a timer and the label for those lights claim the halogen bulbs should last about 2 or more years based on that amount of usage. Well, I've never gotten anywhere near that life span. I got frustrated and found went searching for LED bulbs to replace them.

The product listing said these lights were 6 watts, or the equivalent of 60 watt bulbs. It also said they were 2,700K color temperature. Both were exactly what I was looking for to meet my needs. I only needed two, particularly if these last half as long as they claim they do, but it's always good to have a spare, right? I like the fact that these bulbs put out light in all directions. Many of the LED bulbs I've seen do not light directly below or above the bulb due to the way the bulb is set up.

First, I'm very pleased with the color of these LED bulbs compared to my old bulbs. I am currently using 1 of these bulbs and one of the old ones (until it burns out and I will replace it). There is virtually no discernible difference in the output of light or the color. I like that these bulbs also only use 10% of the energy my old bulbs use. I wouldn't feel guilty leaving these bulbs on all night for safety reasons. Finally, I like that they have a long lifespan. One thing I would like to see increase is the warranty. If you left this bulb on for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year it would still last 3.42 years. I think the warranty could be longer, but I won't knock the product for that unless the bulb goes out in the couple years of use.

This bulb has met all my needs. I'm very satisfied and I have no qualms about recommending this product!

I received this product at a reduced price. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome any and all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!

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