Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chef Remi Grill Mats

I was looking for an alternative to Aluminum Foil that I've used on my grill for years. Even the Heavy Duty aluminum foil gets holes in them and food falls through. I saw grill mats, and I got really excited about the possiblities. I chose these grill mats, because they are PFOA Free and made with materials from the U.S.A.. I remember reading up on PFOA warnings when I was researching non-stick cookware. There have been numerous tests that have shown that when used at high heat, they put off fumes that have undoubtedly killed birds. However, the researchers weren't sure if it was bad for humans. I don't see a need to take the risk when there are options out there that don't contain the ingredient.

When I first received these, I figured they would be somewhat slick like a silicone baking mat. However, these are more like a nylon-like material. With that said, I am confident you could grill an egg with a touch of oil. Nothing I have cooked on this has stuck. They aren't thick, but they aren't thin either (real descriptive, I know). These are thin enough to be pliable, but thick enough that I think you could use metal grill equipment and not be too concerned about poking a hole through them.

I have washed these grill mats with warm, soapy water and I've tossed it in the dishwasher. Both are fine to do with these grill mats. I've used these on a variety of food and they do a great job. They keep the grill grates much cleaner. It's easier to clean these than food that has been baked onto a grill grate. They also prevent food from sticking, so if you are cooking chicken for instance you won't have the skin stuck to the grill grate when you remove it from the grill. As I said earlier, you can probably use metal utensils. However, if you have silicone, it might be the way to go. I These mats are very basic to understand and use. I think you'll be happy with them. Should they ever break, they are covered under warranty.

As you can likely tell, I am very pleased with these grill mats. I use them on my grill exclusively since I've received them!

I received this product for free. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!
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