Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SENWOW 12MP 1080P HD Game and Trail Hunting Camera

Available for sale at

I have several other trail camera brands including Stealth Cam, Moultrie, Covert, Primos, Browning, TEC.BEAN, Crenova, and SEEWORLD/Outdoortop, Distianart, Bestguarder, and now this camera. The day time pictures with all of these brands are adequate or better for hunting and scouting purposes (though some are slightly better). What separates a camera in my eyes is trigger time, quality night pictures, recovery time, battery life, strap connecting to the tree, ease of setup, pictures of an object in motion, LCD menu screen, and durability. I’ve been using trail cams since about 2009, mainly with pictures. My choice in taking pictures or videos depends on the setup/situation. I don’t do time lapse. It’s just not something that’s useful for my hunting/scouting purposes.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Steel Door Stopper with Extra-Strong Suction Cup

Available for sale at the following link: Steel Door Stopper

I ordered this door stopper for my auto-closing entrance door from the garage. It can be a pain to going in and out of the house with hands full of groceries or bringing in a baby car seat. This door stopper was needed so I wouldn't have to push the door open then try to run through before it closes.