Saturday, January 9, 2016

USA Griller BBQ Gloves

I couldn't wait to try these out. I've been looking for gloves to use with my smoker (Pit Barrel Cooker Package). This smoker uses hooks to hang food while it cooks. I've used mits and an included tool, but it was clear that I needed some gloves for better dexterity. I thought these would also double as oven gloves.

The gloves fit my hands very well. I'm 5'10" with average or slighty larger than average hands. I think these gloves will fit a wide variety of hands My wife has tried them on and they fit her well too. The outside of the gloves contain a silicon for added grip.

I've used these for smoking foods as I mentioned, for my oven and also on my crock pot. I cooked a venison roast last night for 6 hours. I put the leftovers in a storage container and got these gloves out so that I could pour the juices into the container. I thought I would do a little experiment at the same time. I turned the oven timer on to see how long I could hold the hot crock pot. After 30 seconds, I felt the first bit of warmth from the crock pot. After a minute, the gloves had warmed up slightly, but in no way were they uncomfortable. I kept holding the crock pot, but it never got hot. I took the gloves off and felt the outside of the gloves. The gloves were very hot on the outside, but as I mentioned my hands weren't hot with the gloves on.

I am very happy to have been offered these gloves at a discount in exchange for my review. They were exactly what I was looking for. I like that the gloves are black to hide some of the dirt (even though they can be washed in the dishwasher I have not yet tried it yet). All-in-all, these are a great pair of gloves for handling hot items.

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