Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pyrex Storage Containers: No-Leak vs Simply Store

To put it bluntly: I prefer the Simply Store Pyrex containers and lids. The round containers themselves are structurally the same (sizes might vary), but the lids differ. The Simply Store are basic lids. You put them on, you take them off. They wash up and dry very easy. Both lids are airtight and holds liquids with no problem. Both sets are freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. The advantage of the No-Leak lids is supposed to be microwave use, but I have used both lids in the microwave with no problems.

The biggest difference between the two is ease of cleaning. While the Simply Storage lids are 1 piece, the No-Leak lids are two basic components: the hard plastic lid (with a tab at top that opens for use in the microwave) and a silicone rim to secure to the container. The silicone rim of the No-Leak lids needs to be removed each time the lid is cleaned and allowed to dry full. If it's not allowed to dry fully, I can easily see mold growing under the silicone. The lid is difficult to dry with a towel, because there are ridges that the silicone rim sits in. It's hard to dry between the ridges. It's a relatively minor quibble, but it's annoying to me.

I like how diverse these Pyrex storage containers are. There is no need to worry about BPA or other contaminants. The different sizes nestle well inside each other (same size containers fit together but not as well - see video). The Simply Store lids are simple and easy. The No-Leak lids are a bit more work. I recommend the Simply Store set above the No-Leak set. I hope my video and written review are helpful to you!

Pyrex No-Leak Lids 10-Piece Glass Food Storage Set
Pyrex 20-pc. Storage Set with Color Lids
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