Friday, January 8, 2016

SoniShare Compact Replacement Toothbrush Heads

I have a Phillips Sonicare HX6530. My wife has the Sonicare Healthy White HX6730. These brush heads fit both exactly as intended - very secure with no wiggle. There is no difference in noise between these and the name brand heads. They come with different colors at the bottom that can be switched/rotated. There is no difference between the stiffness of bristles between these and the Phillips heads, although it might feel that way if you are replacing a worn out head.

The only real difference between these and other heads are the size of the brush head (and the price). I can see these as a good fit for those with: small teeth, sensitive gums (better control over brush head), for children, or if you just prefer a small brush head. If you like using a larger brush head, Sonishare offers those as well at the following link SoniShare - Philips Sonicare Replacement Heads Proresults 4,8,12, or 20-pack (4).

I have used a number of the name brand brush heads and various generic brush heads. Other than maybe a size difference with the brush head, I do not notice a bit of difference among any of them. For that reason, when I was offered a discount in exchange for promising to leave my honest review, I jumped on it. In my opinion, it doesn't make sense to pay more than necessary for name brand brush heads. I hope my review was helpful!

P.S. To find the model number of your Phillips toothbrush, look on the bottom of your brush. After you have that, check it against the list of compatible model numbers in the product listing above.


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