Saturday, January 9, 2016

Original BEAR PAWS

My wife has been waiting for a better way to shred crockpot chicken than by using a fork. She seems to live off of it. She likes making tacos and sandwiches with shredded chicken. I was hoping to get these to shred pulled pork that I smoke. I was offered this product for a discount. In exchange, I promised I would leave an honest review of the product. I jumped at the chance to buy it in red, because I haven't seen those before.

When this product arrived, my wife did a fist pump :) . We both have used it since receiving it. We've used it for the above mentioned uses but also for salads. It significantly reduces the time needed to shred pork shoulders (or pork butts), because it doesn't continue to clog up like a fork and it's much bigger. My wrists don't get tired when shredding more than 1. I've also used them to move a hot turkey or to hold it steady while cutting it. I also like that these are top-shelf dishwasher safe. Finally, I like that it has a lifetime warranty.

So what's my 1 problem? First, let me say that it's not a huge deal. With that said, I wish the back side of the handles were completely closed off. Food can get stuck in there and it's hard to clean unless you have a brush. Not a major ordeal, but worth mentioning. I hope my review was helpful in your decision!


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