Friday, January 8, 2016

Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can

I have used this trash can for almost 2 years, so I have a good basis for my review. I selected this trash can because of the shape, the good reviews, and being able to use it up against a wall (or kitchen island in my case).

-Sits flush against a wall or cabinets while the lid opens unobstructed.
-Can use standard 13-gallon trash bags.
-The step is soft and the lid doesn't bang against anything behind it or when it reaches the "back wall" when fully open.
-When the garbage is full, the trash bag is also full. In other words, there is no wasted/unused space in the garbage bag.
-The lid can be locked open. It comes in handy when you are peeling potatoes for instance.
-Inner liner can be removed from the can and sprayed down with a hose or cleaned by hand if it ever smells

-It is a standard stainless steel can. It is not brushed stainless steel (which I have on my fridge). This stainless steel is harder to keep clean and the main reason for a rating less than a perfect 5-star rating.
-A small screw underneath the can that operates the foot lever has come loose twice. I have screwed it back in with no problem, however.
-In a perfect world, a standard 13-gallon trash bag would fit the inner liner of the can perfectly. It doesn't, but it's never been an issue for me. I like to roll the excess and tuck it between inner liner and outer can, but you can also tuck it in the provided holes in the liner.

This is a great trash can. If you don't mind an outer stainless steel can that shows dirt, then I highly recommend this trash can.

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