Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Scent-Lok Activator On The Go

This is a difficult product to review being that scent is something you can't see. However, since this particular product is relatively new I wanted to give my initial impressions. This unit is a fairly small size: about the size of my palm. It comes with a couple suction cups for mounting to a windshield. It comes with a charger. You can choose to use it with batteries or with the charger as a power source. There are no directions that disclose how long you should operate this. I suppose it depends on the size of the bin, bag, or location you place it.

This unit "utilizes ionic breeze technology by producing negative ions and activated oxygen reducing human odors, smoke, airborne pollutants and allergens". It is not a motor or fan-operated unit. I personally bought this as an alternative to Ozonics, which is crazy expensive. I don't plan to use this while hunting (nor is it recommended to). I just hoped to reduce the number of washings or time between washing hunting clothes. Certain levels of ozone are harmful, so I didn't want to sit in a stand or blind with an ozone factory about me. I don't think that will be a problem using this in a clothing bin or bag.

As I mentioned, I use this to remove scent from my hunting clothes. After using this product, you can detect a slight scent, like that after a summer thunderstorm, on the clothes from the unit. I'm not going to say it's a miracle worker, because I did get busted by deer noses during the season. However, I didn't expect miracles. I just want something that might help beat their noses on occasion. I will have to test it more long-term to make that determination.

I might try to use it around the house for maybe cleaning something like a bed comforter since they are difficult to wash and dry. I might also use it to remove any smells that might be in my vehicle. Those are just a couple ideas.
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