Friday, January 8, 2016

HD Professional Hair Iron

I gave this hair iron to my wife as a present. She has used a Chi hair straightener for years. I repaired it once before it began to not fully heat up. She asked for a new Chi. I instead took a gamble on purchasing this hair iron. I was offered a discount and in exchange, I promised that I would provide an honest review of the product, features, etc. She wasn't mad when I gave it to her, but I could tell she wanted a Chi. I had to promise her that I would buy her a Chi if this didn't work the way she wanted it to. I will give a comprehensive list of pros and cons for this straightener below:

-Extremely nice packaging
-Sleek design (looks very professional)
-Makes hair appear to shine with no additional products used (my sister-in-law and a couple others noticed a shine at last family get-together)
-Temperature knob for precise control of temperature for each respective hair type (thin, normal, thick)
-Handle does not get too hot for comfort
-Heats up in about 30 seconds
-Swivel cord
-Long cord (roughly 9' or 10' long)
-60 minute auto off feature

-No circuit breaker built into cord like the Chi has (useful when using around water like a bathroom sink)
-Plates pinched hair on initial use. Didn't happen again after "getting used to it".
-Minor quibble: After selecting the gray hair iron, the listing on Amazon stated a 3-year warranty (all others had 2 year warranties listed). Upon receipt, the packaging stated a 2-year warranty (as pictured). At the time of this review, the gray hair iron was no longer available for purchase, so this may be a moot point. At any rate, the listing and packaging should be consistent.

All-in-all my wife really likes this straightener. She said it pinched a bit on her first use, but she figured out quickly how to avoid it, and it hasn't happened since. I asked her if she wanted to trade it in for a Chi. She said she didn't want to, because this straightener worked well. I hope my review and pictures are helpful to you! I welcome all feedback or questions.


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