Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Star Shower Laser Light

You can turn the light on green-only or a combination of green and red. There is no red-only color option. The light comes with a plastic stake for inserting into the ground. It does not come with a flat base. You can order that separately or $9.99 per a slip of paper that came with the light. The light telescopes up and down by loosening a plastic nut and turning the head up or down. The position is locked by tightening the nut. The power cord is very short at about a foot long. The light operates in temperatures between -30 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit per instructions, thought it may take up to 10 minutes to warm up in temperatures at or below freezing. The following is the reported distance to surface (feet) and corresponding coverage (square feet) per instructions: 10/206, 20/824, 25/1288, 30/1854, 35/2524, 40/3296. I have not tested this claim.

-Simple, convenient, and safe (no ladders) to set up
-Saves a lot of time if used to replace string lights
-Unique (or at least new) way of lighting up your home
-Covers a large area
-Uses less power than traditional Christmas lights

-Viewable from no further than about approximately 150 ft away
-Not as bright when used in conjunction with landscape lighting or nearby street lights (see note below)
-Questionable longevity/durability with plastic housing and stake (they've been out 1.5 months with no issues at time of review)
-Unfortunately, these lights are more likely to be stolen than a $3 string of lights

I had some mixed results when using Star Shower Laser Lights. The front left side of my house is a bit more lit up with low voltage landscape lights than the front right side. The Star Shower lit the right (i.e. darker) side of the house up well despite one 35-watt spot light. However, the effect of the Star Shower was just "OK" on the left (well-lit) side of the house with 3 20-watt spot lights and a porch light. If you have landscape lighting or a lot of light from nearby street lights, I'm not sure you will be very happy with this type of lighting.

Personally, I think these lights would fit the bill for a number of people, so long as those people don't expect the laser lights to be as bright as traditional Christmas lights. Two of these cover the front of my house. They are a very unique way of lighting a home at this point in time (although I've noticed an increasing number of homes using laser lights). I think these are probably the future of Christmas lighting for some because of their ease of use and wide coverage. Please note that these lights are viewable from 100-150 ft away or so. In other words, if you live in a neighborhood, you won't see these lights from the other end of the street. As you get closer to your house, though, you will see them.

Personally, I was very happy with them at first. As time went on, I grew somewhat bored of the "projection" of laser lights. They are bright enough to see, but not nearly as bright as traditional lighting. It just doesn't give that "Christmas" feeling to me.  I hope I covered any questions you might have and my review was helpful in your decision!

P.S. I was not compensated in any way or provided a product in return for a review. 

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