Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil

I was offered this product free. In exchange, I promised to test it out and provide my personal, honest review. I have never used lavender oil before, so I thought it might be interesting to try it out. I have an analytical mind, so I wanted to do an experiment. I wanted to try this compared to another lavender to determine if there was a difference. I compared this lavender, Majestic Pure, versus Nature's Alchemy Essential Oil French Lavender -- 2 fl oz.

Both oils are very strong and concentrated. They are also clear. The Majestic Pure came well packaged, but it had some excess lavender oil on the cap from the bottling process. I could smell it before I opened the package. When I opened the package I was blown away at how strong the smell is. I wasn't expecting that. I almost compare it to the power of an onion. My eyes were welling up. I wiped off the cap and bottle and my nose started adjusting. My first test was to compare the smell. I haven't smelled American Lavender, so I can't compare the French (Nature's Alchemy) and Bulgarian (Majestic Pure) lavender oils to that. However, both were quite similar in the concentrated form to my nose. Quite honestly, they both smelled similar to Pine Sol in the concentrated form. I was skeptical about both of these oils at this point. I was thinking it might be a throw away product. But I wanted to provide an honest evaluation before I did anything drastic.

I first put both of these products in a diffuser with the same amount of water. I added 10 drops to each. I placed one in the living room and one in the bedroom. I could immediately smell the oils in each of those locations. It's a pleasant smell. I left both for a few days for a full assessment. I do notice a difference now between the two. The French Lavender (Nature's Alchemy) still has a hint of that Pine Sol smell even after diluting with water. It's not what a pure lavender smells like to my nose. That being said, it still has a pleasant smell. The Bulgarian Lavender (Majestic Pure) smells like a sweet, floral smell. After some time, my nose kind of "gets used" to that scent and it's not as noticeable to my nose (visitors can still smell it though). I enjoy getting a whiff every now and then by smelling it up close. My wife noticed right away when she came home from work. Another use: I really like putting a drop in each garbage bag I put in the kitchen. It really overpowers the garbage smell to make a nice lingering scent.

I haven't been able to use the oils in any other ways yet, but here are some ideas I'd like to try:
- additive for a massage oil - my wife is pregnant so this is her suggestion :)
- mosquito repellent (I've read it works but have to wait until summer to try)
- for baths
- foot massage
- for headaches
- for tension, sores, aches, and pains
- It can be used for ingestion, but I'm not sure I can get over that hurdle of consuming it

Available at Amazon: Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil


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