Friday, January 8, 2016

ANNT® LED Desk Lamp

My wife uses a table lamp and ceiling lights to read every night, and every night she falls asleep with them on. I feel bad when I come to bed later and wake her up when I turn the table lamp off. I researched a bunch of different options to find a lamp that might work. Most of the options were battery powered lights. Most batteries die or diminish after a year or two, so I wanted to avoid batteries. Plus, I have several electrical outlets near the bed, so that wouldn't be a problem. I never found a light I really liked until I was offered this light at a discount in exchange for my honest review. As such I will do my best to describe this light and my experience with it.

Brightness: It has 5 levels of brightness that can be changed by tapping the up or down arrow. A corresponding blue light indicates which level of brightness the light is at. The brightness is sufficient for reading a book at any level of brightness, but it isn't so bright that it illuminates an entire room. In other words, it makes a great desk, reading, or bedside light. When turning the light on, the light remembers the last setting it was on (brightness & temperature). That's very convenient for sure.

Light Temperature: There are 3 different light temperatures that range from a soft, warm light (3000K) to a white light (6000K).

30 minute timer: I really like this function for a bedside light. It was one of the selling points for me. You press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. The timer turns on (the small blue light on the power button blinks to notify you it is on timer mode). After 30 minutes the light turns off.

Clamp: the clamp is very strong. If you put it on a desk or a headboard, it will stay.

Light neck: the neck is bendable to just about any position you want. It doesn't always bend to your exact location every time, but you'll get it where you want it after a time or two of trying.

Some reviewers claim that this light won't stand up on its own (via the clamp) like it is portrayed in the stock photo. I found that not to be true. It stands on its own just fine. It's not going to be as stable as if it had a flat base, but it stands well enough on it's own should you want to use it that way.

I really like this light. It's perfect for my purposes as a bedside light. I got it for my wife for her to read books. She even mentioned another potential use that I hadn't thought about. We have a little one on the way. She said it would be perfect to help her during breast feeding at night as well. All-in-all I am very happy with this light. I recommend this light and I would buy this light again. I welcome all feedback or questions about my review or about the light.

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