Thursday, January 7, 2016

Kamenstein Paper Towel Holder

I've had this paper towel holder for a year and a half. I received it as a wedding gift. This paper towel holder accommodates regular paper towel rolls as well as the extra large rolls. When you pull on the paper towel, the holder spins with some resistance. This allows you to tear the paper towels when desired. It makes a ratcheting sound when pulled.

The holder has enough weight to it that it won't topple when you grab and pull for paper towels. The internal components that look like spokes on a wheel do a nice nice job of grabbing and holding onto the roll. That sounds like a small detail, but it's essential to the function of the "perfect tear". I must note one slight downside; I use Bounty and Brawny paper towels. These rolls partially cover the top of the holder (the part that unscrews allowing you to remove and insert new rolls). It's not a big deal to me but it's worth noting.

I really like this paper towel holder. I know other reviewers have had issues with the internal mechanisms. I have not had that issue despite heavy use. I hope my review was helpful in your decision!

UPDATE: I've had this nearly 2 years. It still works flawlessly. Also, I have added a short demonstration video for those interested in seeing how it operates.

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