Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tact-Pro Open Face Spinning Reel - 5.1:1 Gear Ratio, 10 Ball Bearings

1. An introduction and look at the YD4000 reel
2. Fishing with this reel
3. Review/Conclusion

o 5.0:1 Gear Ratio
o 10 Ball-Bearings
o Plastic chasis with Aluminum spool
o Ability to set your line drag
o Ambidextrous - Ability to quickly shift handle from left to right handed
o Rubber molded T-handle

The reel itself is light weight but feels very solid. It isn't a cheap plastic by any means. The bail flips very nicely without excessive force. The reel spins effortlessly. The T-handle is rubber molded. I was concerned that the handle might lead to dirt accumulating, unlike a wooden handle for instance. It hasn't yet, but that's was my intial impression. Overall, I was quite impressed. I installed it on my Daiwa fishing rod.

I installed 10 lb monofilament fishing line. I show that on the video review I posted (search YouTube) but for file size restrictions on Amazon I left that off of this video. Line spooling was very easy. I had no issues with the line kinking or reel not spooling correctly.

I've been using this reel for several trips to the local ponds. It's been quite hot during my mid-day trips, so I haven't exactly been tearing it up (and neither have any of the other fishers I've seen fishing the public lakes). Having said that, I have caught a few bass. During that time, I've garnered a good "feel" for this reel. The reel is very easy to cast. There are no hang-ups and you can get it out there far with some weight on your lures. The bail flip and reeling is also smooth and easy.

Lures - If you use very light weight lures, you likely want to go with a smaller reel than the YD4000. This reel is a great reel for bass and catfish (and similar species). I'd venture to say that YD3000 is a good reel for that as well based on the specs (though I haven't had the chance to use it).

Selecting a Reel - If you use 8 to 12 lb line, the YD4000 is a good option out of these reels. Below I've listed the fishing line pound and the respective reel line capacity (in yards) for the YD3000 and YD4000 based on the packaging

YD3000 6 / 220 8 / 160 10 / 120
YD4000 8 / 200 10 / 160 12/120

Overall, I really like this reel. I can't comment on durability at this point, but I have no indications that it will break or fall apart. It seems quite well made for this price point. The only wish I have with this reel is to be able to determine the amount of line drag. You can turn the drag, but it's not clear how much you are actually applying without pulling on the line a bit. It's a minor quibble but worth noting. In spite of that, it's a great reel!

I received this product free for the purposes of testing and reviewing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!

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