Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

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1) Wind Speed and Noise Demo
2) Remote Control
3) Fan Features (with demonstrations)
- 3 Speeds (Low/Medium/High)
- 3 Modes (On/Nature/Timer)
- Swing/Oscillation
- Timer Feature
- Shift (3 Independently Controlled Fans)
- Remote Control Holder
4) Warranty
5) Conclusion

o Control the fan using the remote control or touching the screen on the fan
o Low/Medium/High Settings
o 90-degree oscillation
o 0.5 to 7.5 hour sleep timer (in increments of 0.5 hours)
o Ability to use 1, 2 or all 3 fans at one time
o 1-year warranty
o Nook in the back of the fan for storing the remote control
o 6 foot power cord
o For additional product specifications, see the picture I attached from the User Manual

+ Sturdy/heavy BASE and light weight fan for securely placing on carpet, hardwood, tile, etc.
+ The fan remembers the last setting used each time you turn it on.
+ Child safe (i.e. they can’t insert their fingers into fan)
+ Good air displacement for small to fairly large size rooms (I’d say it’s good for up to 25’ x 25’ if I was forced to mention a size but it depends on ambient air temperature)
+ The “Nature Setting” is really neat for patio or outdoor use
+ Simple to put together upon arrival
+ Remote control is easy to operate and quite handy

- If you intend to use this fan in the bedroom, know that there is a BLUE LIGHT that remains on at all times. Should you wish to, you can fix this by placing electrical tape over the light. It may not be a “professional” look even if it does get the job done.
- The “beep” when changing modes can be annoying to some users (but it does give the user validation that the setting has changed).
- Not quite as powerful (or loud) as some ground fans.

The noise of this fan is so subjective I don’t want to list it as either a pro or con. I don’t consider it noisy. However, it is not a whisper-quiet fan. If you’ve ever used a small desk fan, I’d say it’s similar in the noise it emits at the various speeds. You can get an idea of the noise I am talking about by viewing my video.

You can clean the vast majority of this fan using a vacuum with a brush attachment. However, you won’t be able to reach the fan blades in doing so. In order to clean the blades, you will have to remove the back cover by unscrewing one screw securing each cover and then it will pop out with a twist (easy to do).

It’s my opinion that this fan is best suited for a work out room, a covered patio or 3-season room, outdoor parties (so long as there is no rain and you bring it in after), and possibly an office. This will certainly work in a bedroom, but some might be turned off by the blue light in a dark room.

This fan stands on the ground. It stands to reason that if there is a something blocking the path of this air flow (like couches, for instance) this fan might not be the best option. Also, if you have a very large room, you might need a larger fan or multiple fans. If you are an extremely light sleeper or looking for a whisper-quiet fan, this may not be best for your application (It has a soothing sound that personally puts me to sleep though). I don’t think this fan is loud enough to interrupt a television on the low and medium setting. You might bump up the television volume slightly on the high setting if you sit next to the fan.

Overall, I really like this fan. It’s certainly quiet enough for my applications for using this fan (working out and office use). It displaces a nice amount of air. If you have a 3-season room or covered patio, you should have bought this fan YESTERDAY! I dream of using it there someday (unfortunately I don’t have one of those rooms currently). It’s also quite nice for working out. You can run on the treadmill or lift weights with a nice breeze. If you want to change the setting, you just grab the remote. I’ve really enjoyed using this fan. If you can live with a few minor attributes listed above, then I think you’ll also be satisfied with this fan!

I received this product free for purposes of testing and reviewing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!
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