Thursday, July 28, 2016

OUTERDO 6.6ft x 9ft Camouflage Net

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WHAT'S INCLUDED?1) A camo net 
2) a nylon storage bag

This camouflage net is made with a couple components. The net itself is crafted of Polyester Oxford Fabric (i.e. nylon). The back side of the net features braided rope. The netting has 4 loop strings on the top, 4 on the bottom and a couple on each side. Nylon itself sheds water fairly well, but it is prone to rips. The braided rope is thin but sufficient for giving the nylon some strength. In other words, the rope prevents the nylon from being over-stretched. The loops around the netting can be used to secure this to any number of things.

6.6' x 9' according to the product listing. I've actually measured this netting to be:
Approximately 6'8" x 9'5' unstretched
Approximately 6'9" x 10'3" stretched

This camo netting is not for military use. I want to make sure that's clear, because I'm sure there's someone out there prepping for nuclear war or something (not that there's anything wrong with being prepared). This netting is an a less expensive alternative to military camo netting. It is made of nylon as opposed to durable canvas or something to that effect. The netting on the back helps provide some strength to the nylon so it doesn't tear easily. It is fairly light in weight.

The netting has a tendency to get caught up on pointed objects. For instance, I am using this netting on the shooting rail of a ladder tree stand. It does at times get caught up on the bolts of the tree stand. It's not a major problem, but I mention it because burlap or something else might be an alternative. The netting might also preclude the use of this with young children. A young child might somehow or another get their head in the don't use this as a child's blanket (I'm sorry I have to give that warning).

OK, I talked about what it might not be the best uses. Now, I will talk about what this works well for. I think this would be a good netting for hiding just about anything in a rural setting. It would also work for a Halloween prop, store display, a hunting blind, a backdrop for pictures/videos, decor, paintball, etc. From my experience hunting, I think wildlife are less likely to spot a hunter in 3D camo like this netting. 3D camo casts natural shadows and adds a more realistic image (again from my experience). There are also a whole host of other uses.

This camo netting is versatile and a good value. At this point in time, I don't know how long it will hold up exposed to the elements, but I have no indications that it will not last at this point. I'm very pleased with the product!

I received this product free for purposes of testing and reviewing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!
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