Sunday, July 10, 2016

Syllable Truly Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds

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I was looking for a set of Bluetooth headphones without a cord connecting the two and, ideally, without a hook going around my ear. I was interested in using them for cutting grass in particular, but also for working out and other tasks. I have another set of Bluetooth headphones, but the cord connecting the earphones often gets stuck on my sweaty neck and pulls the buds out of my ears. It doesn’t happen every minute, but if I can upgrade, why not?

This set comes with:
1) 2 ear buds
2) A case that acts as a charger and power bank
3) Operating instructions
4) A pouch
5) A power cord, and
6) Extra ear piece (same size)
7) A rubber band that links the ear pieces (optional to install)

If you’ve paired a Bluetooth device, then you know it’s not that complicated. If you haven’t paired a Bluetooth device, please read on. First, find the ear bud for your right ear (there is a somewhat inconspicuous “R” on the rubber piece that looks like a shark fin). Hold the button for about 4 seconds until red and blue lights flash (it will flash blue first when powering on and later will flash blue and red when it’s ready to pair). Finally, select Bluetooth your phone, mp3 player, or other music device. Select the appropriate device. On my devices, the ear buds are called “SYLLABLE TIP”. Once paired with the right ear phone, you will then need to turn on the left ear phone.

While walking around with these ear pieces, I noticed that I wasn’t able to walk a distance of 35 feet like the listing states. I’d say I got about 15 feet before it began cutting in and out (roughly 20 feet before it was completely silent).

I’m quite disappointed with the fit of these ear pieces. The rubber bumpers and piece that goes in your ear is quite large. There are no different rubber ear piece options, unfortunately. I’ve had more difficulty putting and keeping these ear buds in than any other set I’ve ever used. I wouldn’t say that I have small ear canals either. I’m baffled how they fit some of these other reviewers as well as they claim. They don’t fit my wife’s ears very well either.

The sound quality of these headphones is decent. It isn’t great, but it’s not terrible either. Let me explain. The sound gets reasonably loud. As I mentioned earlier, I have another set of Bluetooth headphones. They retail for under twenty bucks. These ear buds are on par with those. They lack the well-rounded sound that mid-range and high-end headphones have. As I mentioned, they’re adequate, but don’t excel in sound quality.

I was most disappointed in the bass of these headphones. To put it bluntly, there is absolutely no bass! None, zero, not the least bit! That’s quite disappointing for headphones in this price range.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to test the battery length long-term. Quite honestly, I don’t like this set enough to wear it for a couple hours at a time. For that reason, I haven’t tested the battery length of the headphones and the power bank. For purposes of my rating, I’ll assume that the battery lasts 5 hours and can be charged up to 6 times with the case/power bank. With those specs, the batteries don’t last quite as long as some others available. However, the power bank is nice if you are away from a power source (while camping for instance). The ear buds give you a warning approximately 5 minutes or so before shutting down.

The power bank and travel pouch are nice additions. The travel pouch is nice so you don’t lose the ear phones. The power bank is great for the reasons mentioned in the section labeled “BATTERY LIFE”.

Overall, these ear phones leave a lot to be desired in my book. First and foremost, the ear buds are too large for my ears. I have to hold them in with my fingers to get the proper fit. Second, the bass is nonexistent. The sound quality is decent, not great. My final reason for a poor rating is that the range of the Bluetooth signal is quite poor – about 15 feet. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend these unless you are desperately seeking Bluetooth headphones that don’t have a cord/lanyard, you have large ear canals, and decent sound quality is acceptable (quite a small market I would think.

I received this product free for purposes of testing and reviewing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!
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