Sunday, April 10, 2016

NoMol® Mole Trap-4 Pack

4 Mole traps (with triggers), 4 dowels for staking trap, and a set of instructions

You squeeze the handles together, which spreads the trap. You then place the circular trigger mechanism about ¾” from the center. Locate an active mole tunnel, dig it out and clear the tunnel using a glove, stick or end of a shovel handle. Place the trap into the hole and stake it with the included dowel. Take a ball of dirt and plug the opening. You can refill the remaining hole, place the layer of grass/sod over the hole, or place a rock over the hole. The idea is to keep the light from hitting the tunnel. Leave the trap alone for 2-3 days before checking again. If you have not caught a mole, position in another location.

I have used the traps with the spikes and I hate them. I have not included this portion in the video due to size restrictions on videos posted to Amazon. I have included it on the video I posted to YouTube. In a nutshell; the spike traps, despite clearing the dirt where the spikes enter the soil, always get caught in the dirt before reaching the mole. The Sweeney gopher traps I’ve used are a bit large for moles. For some reason, the moles dig another tunnel around the trap. I suppose the moles feel the trap on their feet or the trap itself closes too much of the hole. The scissor traps I have are better than the other two. However, it came extremely stiff. Initially, the moles would go right through the trap without triggering it. I could hit it with a baseball bat and it wouldn’t go off. After lubing it up, it’s much better. I have caught one mole with it. The downside is that you can’t use it on the deep mole tunnels.

First, the instructions included with the trap are well written and include pictures. Second, these traps will be tough to set initially. They do require a slight break in period to not only get used to setting them, but to loosen them up a bit. This is true with some other traps I’ve used as well. I suggest grabbing a pair of garden gloves and setting them. It does get easier over time to set, particularly with practice.

What I like about these traps is that you can use these traps on just about any mole tunnel, shallow or deep. It helps to set them on long mole runs rather than ones with curves and twists (though it can be done). Quite honestly, these traps are not as convenient and quick to set as some others on the market. However, they don’t give you false triggers. If it goes off after you leave, you have a mole. Also, the traps don’t prevent you from cutting the grass and they don’t present a hazard to children playing in the yard.

These traps take a bit of practice to learn and they take a bit longer to set, but they are much more reliable and better at catching moles than any trap I’ve used.

I received this product for free. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!

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