Friday, April 22, 2016

Furniture Clinic Leather Repair Kit

I wanted to provide a video to show Amazon customers how this leather repair kit is applied and whether or not it works. This video is a bit long at 6:14. If you want to see it clean some dried out, dirty car leather feel free to watch. Please excuse the lighting and shakiness at times. It's not easy to video in a car and I'm not moonlighting as a videographer (I just do it for fun).

2 17-fluid oz bottles - 1 bottle of leather cleaner and 1 of leather protector, a spray attachment (you can choose to use it or not), a cloth for application, and a sponge.

+ Excellent job at cleaning leather
+ Smells good - the cleaner smells light but fresh and a bit like a cirtrus. The protector smells like new leather.
+ Easy Application
+ Leather cleaner will last a while (you don't have to use much)
+ Softens the leather

- The leather protector is a gel and is used at a quicker rate than the cleaner

I've used Armor All over the years on my leather. It wasn't particularly great at cleaning but my leather smelled clean when finished. I presumed it was well protected. However, my leather still dried out. I wanted to try something different after so many years of using Armor All.

I was pleasantly surprised in using this. It does an EXCELLENT job at cleaning leather. It got some marks and spots on my seats and particularly my steering wheel that I did not believe it would get. Don't get me wrong, this will not bring the cow back to life, so to speak. In other words, if you have dried and cracked leather, I don't think anything will bring it back to new condition. However, it can still be protected from further damage. The leather protector smells fantastic. If you like the new leather smell, you will like this smell. Overall, I am pleased with this kit!

I received this product at a discount. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!

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