Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bru Joy Can Opener

I've always bought can openers from the dollar store. I haven't ever really thought there was a big difference in quality. Recently, my dollar store an opener was beginning to be a pain to use. It was difficult to operate, because the blade was dull. The can would spin and spin just tearing off pieces of the paper label. It was time for a new can opener.

The Bru Joy can opener is made of 18/10 stainless steel. As such, it should hold up to repeated cycles in the dishwasher should you need to place it in there. However, I caution against putting any knives or instruments used to cut in the dishwasher. Over time, it dulls the blades. Having said that, you will not notice it dull over night. You'll notice in pictures that the can opener is tilted at an angle from the handle. This provides plenty of clearance for your hand to operate without being wedged between the opener and the can. It also has a bottle top remover.

My first attempt at using it wasn't a complete success in all honesty. I put the can opener on the lid and started turning. It apparently didn't make that initial plunge into the can. Since that first time, I haven't had any issues. You know it plunges into the can when it makes that satisfying "pop" noise. The lid WILL have sharp edges using this can opener, unfortunately. People who claim otherwise are wrong or haven't used the product. Having said that, it doesn't both me. I just open the lid 9/10 of the way. When finished, I bend the lid inside the can. If someone digs through the garbage for some odd reason, the lid won't cut their hand since it's covered by the can.

For a demonstration of the can opener and comparison to my dollar store can opener, check out the attached video.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product at a promotional discount. The opinions expressed in my review above are based on my own personal experience using the product.

Available on Amazon at Bru Joy Can Opener
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