Thursday, February 4, 2016

Luxe Grill Meat Injector

- Stainless Steel
- The injector comes with 2 needles (approximately 6 inches long) - one for chunky marinades and the other designed for liquid marinades.
- The reservoir/barrel holds 2 oz.
- Dishwasher safe
- Lifetime Warranty

I wanted an injector, because I love to smoke meats: turkey, brisket, chicken, whatever I can find at the store. This year, I had the family gatherings at my house: Thanksgiving (Turkey) and Christmas (2 hams). I used a baster I had received as a wedding gift on each. I prepared the marinade, and then found the baster would get clogged up with rosemary and other spices...then the rubber ball on the end would slide off. I knew I couldn't get by much longer without an injector. Fortunately, I was provided this injector at a discount. In return, I was asked to provide my personal, honest review. Here goes:

I was blown away when I opened this up. First, it's really big! The Injector is approximately one foot long with needle attached! Second, it felt really well-made when I put it in my hand. It is solid stainless steel. It's definitely commercial grade, no doubt. The inside has a silicon gasket to maintain that air pocket to keep the marinade inside.

I like how the needle with one opening is large enough to allow for spices, chopped onions and garlic, etc. to pass through. That was one of my problems. The other needle with many ports cuts down on the number of times you have to poke, or inject, the meat. I also like that it can be operated using one hand (unless you have tiny hands maybe). Overall, it's a quality made product and I am very happy with it. Check out my video to see how it operates. Feel free to leave a question or comment. If this review was helpful, please click the 'helpful' button below. Thanks!

I recommend putting some oil or non-stick spray on the gasket every so often (although not required to). It is dishwasher safe. However, I personally would not recommend putting that silicon seal in the dishwasher (again not a requirement). Take this example, a lot of non-stick pans say they are dishwasher safe. However, doing so cuts down the useful life of the non-stick coating if you read the fine print. I just think silicon is probably similar. If it does every break, you have the lifetime warranty.

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