Friday, February 12, 2016

Eleven Suuri Cycling Socks

- The socks are made of 56% cotton, 3% elastane, 16% polypropylene, 25% polyamide
- The socks are a somewhat stretchy material
- They are thinner up high and on the sides. They are a bit thicker on the bottom of the foot

I ordered these socks for hunting and working outside when it's cold. Don't get me wrong, Let me be clear, though. These socks are not heavily insulated. They are a relatively thin sock intended for use by those that are active. I bought these socks with the to hopefully wick away any perspiration. When it's cold and my feet sweat, it's extremely difficult to stay warm. I hoped that in using these socks they would hopefully wick any moisture and keep my feet warm as a result.

First, I wear a Size 12 shoe. I ordered the Large sock size. These fit exactly as intended with no extra wiggle room.When I first picked these up, I noticed that they feIt quite similar to a few of the pairs of dress socks that I have. I thought that was strange, but I wasn't sure what to make of it.

At any rate, I've worn these socks on multiple occasions. One day I had been wearing cotton socks for half a day. The socks were sweaty (I have to be honest right?). I remembered I had these socks, so I figured I'd try them on and see what they're like. I wore them the rest of the day around the house. I took them off that night. They were dry as a bone and they didn't smell. If I had to guess, I would say it's because the sweat is what makes your feet smell. If the sock wicks the moisture and it evaporates, there is no smell. That's just my guess though. I don't know for sure.

I next wore time I wore these socks was when I went hunting. I walked probably 3 or 4 miles up and down steep hillsides, through brush and thick canopy. The weather was about 50 degrees that day, so not too cold. I took the socks off at the end of the day and they were dry. I have been very happy so far with these socks.

For my uses, these have worked out great. The fit well. I wonder how they might work in extremely cold weather if you pair them with another sock. I'm not sure if they would do as well wicking moisture or not. I intend to try that at some point though. For comfortable or warm temperatures, I am very pleased. If you are active and looking for a pair of socks, I think these are a good pair to try.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product free for purposes of testing and reviewing. The thoughts and opinions expressed above are based on my own personal use of the product.

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