Monday, February 22, 2016

Solo Stick Tripod Mount

The Solo Stick Tripod Mount allows you to take pictures/movies or watch movies on your phone. You can set it on the table or you can put it in unconventional positions to suit almost any location. It's 10" tall (depending on how you have the legs situated) and can hold a phone up to about 3.25" wide. In essence, this product is designed to fit the budget niche for holding phones for videos or pictures

I have used this to take videos of several products I bought on Amazon as well as to record some YouTube videos. I like the flexibility it gives me. I can stand it or put it almost anywhere. I even did a video in my car using the headrest. It's a great value for most people using their phone. It's easy to pack away. It's light. It's a good price.

I was testing it to the extreme after about a week or so (after doing this video). I used too much force and broke a leg. Fortunately, I contacted Solo Stick and they were AWESOME. I got an email within an hour saying they would ship me another, no problem. I don't love when I have an problem, but it's really nice when a business stands behind their product!

For professional use, you likely want to upgrade out of this price point, but for the average user I think this fits the bill.

In the video, I discuss the product and hopefully give you a feel for how it operates. I also included some pictures using this tripod in various positions and poses.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I received this product at a discount or free. I welcome all feedback!

You can find this product on Amazon at Solo Stick Tripod Mount

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