Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MaxPro Balaclava Ski Mask

This balaclava ski mask is predominately made of fleece. However, the front of the balaclava from the nose down is a "windshield", or wind-blocking, material. Furthermore, the mouth area has a mesh lining for easy breathing. The rest of the balaclava is fleece. There are some pros and cons with this balaclava:

+ Dries quickly
+ Decent insulator
+ Good "breathability"
+ Covers your neck
+ The size "Large/X-Large" fits my head well (I wear a size 7-1/8 hat for your reference and my head circumference is 22.75")

- Not a good insulator in the wind (except for the front that has a windshield)
- The area by the nose is windproof and therefore difficult to breathe. The air must go out the mesh area by the mouth or out the opening above.

I don't wear glasses, so I'm not sure if the lack of a nose opening will affect whether you can wear glasses without the risk of fogging up. This lack of an opening bothers me, so I typically wear the bottom opening just under the nose rather than covering the nose. With that said, I like wearing this in certain circumstances and I pick a different balaclava for other circumstances. See why below!

The answer to this depends! It likely depends on whether you are hot or cold by nature and what you intend to use this mask for. If you are actively moving around and there isn't much wind (maybe shoveling a driveway for instance), this should work well for you. The reason is because it will dry quickly and it will allow your head to breathe, so to speak.

If you are in frigid, windy temperatures sitting still (watching a sporting event for instance), this might not be best suited for you. The reason is you will be losing a lot of heat with the wind. I ordered the mask for similar occasions. I was under the impression that the entire mask had a windshield, which is not the case. For that reason I gave it 3 stars. However, this still gets some use from me under certain circumstances.

You can find more information about this balaclava mask at the following link:

I received this product free for purposes of testing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!
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