Wednesday, September 7, 2016

LANGRIA Executive High-Back Leather Office Chair Review

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1) Introduction
2) Overview of the features and a closer look at each
3) Review/Conclusion
5) Assembling the Chair (slideshow of the steps)

o Made from PU Leather (described below)
o Foam Cushion Seat
o Full and Padded Arm Rests
o Height Adjusts from 17" to 20.5" from floor to top of the seat
o 5 Swivel Casters/Rollers
o Ergonomic Back Support
o Rated to hold up to 330 lbs

+ Chair seat is VERY comfortable
+ The chair looks and feels like full grain leather
+ The chair glides easy
+ The chair lift is easy to raise and lower
+ The handle is fluid and easy to operate or lock (many I've used are not this easy)
+ Seat adjusts from 17" to 20.5" (top of seat to floor), so it should be suitable for most adults regardless of height

- Arm height is not adjustable (though I'm fine with the height it's at)
- Leather chairs are warmer than mesh chairs
- No owner’s manual (not sure if anyone reads those)

I had no idea what PU leather was prior to researching it. The chair I received smelled like leather, but I knew that it couldn’t possibly be leather at this price. Here is what I found:

PU leather is composed of split leather with a layer of polyurethane, and a stamped leather pattern to resemble higher-quality leather. Full-grain leather, on the other hand, is the highest quality leather. Full-grain leather is composed of the flexible top layer as well as the thicker split layer used to make PU leather. Split leather is more abundant, stiffer, and more prone to cracking over time than full-grain leather. It is also has fewer imperfections since it’s beneath the outer layer of skin. Combine all of that and PU leather is less expensive to the manufacturer.

I thought that information was interesting. I didn’t know that prior, so I thought maybe others would find it interesting or useful. I don’t think any chair in this range is composed of full-grain leather. Takeaways: It feels exactly like leather, but it’s possible that it won’t last quite as long.

Installation of the chair takes approximately 15 minutes. It's not difficult in my opinion. For a brief overview, you can watch the video I attached. The chair is extremely comfortable, both the seat and the back. The handles and lift operate flawlessly. The only minor gripe is that it does create a bit of warmth, which is to be expected of any leather chair. It’s not bad unless it’s quite warm in your office (or wherever you have this). Besides that, there aren't many gripes on my end.

This chair should meet your needs if you are looking for an elegant looking office chair that's very comfortable, functions well, and is offered at a low price compared to many other leather office chairs.

If you’re hot in any environment or your office is hot, a chair with a mesh seat or back might be a better fit. Also, based on the research, PU leather isn’t as durable as full-grain leather. With that said, I haven’t noticed any degradation on mine in the time I’ve had it.

I received a free sample of this product for purposes of testing and reviewing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!


  1. Awesome review, Chip. My son really needs a new chair at his desk. He would love to have this one.

    1. I really like it! It's not the only chair like it, so do some comparison shopping for the best prices!

  2. VIVA OFFICE High Back Chair Viva0505L1 from Bizarkdeal

    Great chair for its price. I love the design of this chair, it’s very classy and gives my office a professional look. It attracts client from clients and the envy of a few colleagues.
    The installation was quite easy, although I had help from a colleague who uses the same. Noticed the extra components that came with the package…very thoughtful of the manufactures, just incase some get missing during reassembly, there is a spare to replace it.
    The cushioning is extremely comfortable unlike previous chairs in which I eventually get tired of sitting down. The back rest is relaxing and comfy. The wheels roll smoothly and the arm rest are in good positioning providing adequate support, very durable. Above all it’s a great chair for its price.

  3. Thanks for your comments and sharing your experience Selina!