Monday, June 6, 2016

Outdoor Patio Umbrella Light

This LED #umbrellalight has 4 larger interior LED's and 24 smaller outer LED's. The lights have 3 modes: High (all lights), Medium (24 outer lights), and Low (4 inner lights). It runs on 4 AA batteries (must insert all 4 to be able to use light).

+ 3 light modes
+ Adequate illumination for conversation around a table
+ Long lasting LED lights (100,000 hours)
+ Bright enough to read with (if the book is flat on the table or facing the light of course) - see picture
+ Lightweight
+ Slides up and down the pole but has enough resistance to stay where you put it

- The housing is entirely plastic (other than the lights of course)
- The clip to close the light is a small plastic clip that I fear might break over time
- Must open 4 battery terminals to replace/insert 4 AA batteries
- "Water Resistant" not water proof

o This runs on AA as opposed to a rechargeable battery. Both have benefits/drawbacks.
o This light has a cool color temperature of approximately 5000K to 6000K
o Don't store alkaline batteries in this, or any electronic device, long-term. They will leak and corrode the battery terminals (just a friendly reminder)

This light almost looks like a little alien spaceship with the light configuration. It provides a soft ambient light that isn't too harsh. You could certainly read under the light, but you'd have to be sitting fairly close to with the book on a table underneath or with the pages facing the light to avoid the book shadowing the pages of course. Unfortunately, the light is made of plastic which is prone to breaking if dropped. I also fear the clip might break if you aren't careful.

There are a gluttony of these lights listed on Amazon. Most are very similar with only a few minor differences. The main differences seem to be that they either run on alkaline batteries or a rechargeable battery. Do your research and find one that works for you!

Available on Amazon by clicking here: Outdoor Patio Umbrella Light

I received this product free for purposes of reviewing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome any and all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!

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