Monday, June 20, 2016

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter with Replaceable 3-Stage Filter Cartridge

WHY I WANTED TO USE A SHOWER FILTER:1. I wanted a shower filter to remove chlorine and the cloudy white build up on shower screens.
2. I wanted soft, healthy skin and hair (particularly a problem for me in the winter).
3. I read that a body absorbs more chlorine during a shower than by drinking a glass of tap water.
4. A long, hot shower equals steam inhaled into lungs contains chlorine and disinfectant by products.

ABOUT THE COMPONENTS OF THIS FILTER:I am not a water filter expert (other than having an understanding of the role carbon plays as a filter). With that in mind, I did some research on the components of this water filter. I have included some of my findings below:

KDF 55:"KDF water filtration media is a high-purity alloy of both copper and zinc. KDF media (or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Media), is a chemical compound used in water filtration applications. KDF is often used along with activated carbon to maximise the filters efficiency. Generally KDF is used in a purification system as a pre-filter, before another, finer stage of filtration...Since its development in 1984, it has grown to be widely regarded as one of the best filtration medias available" (Wikipedia).

CALCIUM SULFITE:100 times more effective than activated carbon at removing chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminium (several sources have cited this statistic).

CARBON:"Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that uses a bed of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, using chemical adsorption. Each particle/granule of carbon provides a large surface area/pore structure, allowing contaminants the maximum possible exposure to the active sites within the filter media. One pound (454 g) of activated carbon contains a surface area of approximately 100 acres" (Wikipedia).

PROS:+ 3-stage filter: Carbon (great at moderate to low temperature water), KDF 55, and calcium sulfite
+ Easy to replace filter
+ Simple installation
+ Includes thread seal tape so no need to take a trip to the big box store
+ Much less expensive that installing a whole-home water filter

CONS:- If you are tall, you may need a different shower arm or shower head (for reference, I'm 5'10" and have 5 or so inches to my shower head)
- Must replace filter after 6-8 months of use
- Your shower head can't have a "bump" inside the female portion - the filter has a wire screen, so a "bump" could prevent the filter from screwing onto the shower filter.

TIPS:After installing the filter and before installing the shower head, run the water for 20 seconds (approximately). Similar to installing a filter in your fridge, the loose carbon in the filter will quickly expel and your shower head is ready to install (and you can take a shower if desired).

CONCLUSION:To date, I'm very pleased with the shower filter. I haven't run a water test to see just how well it filters. With that said, I believe that it does do a good job of filtering chlorine and other contaminants from the water. I will purchase the filter replacements in the future, because I am pleased with the product. Questions? Feel free to leave them below!

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FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) DISCLAIMER:I received this product free for purposes of testing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on my personal use of the product. I welcome any and all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!

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