Wednesday, June 15, 2016

BMOUO 2 Reels RGB LED Strip Light Kit

FEATURES OF THIS LIGHT STRIP:+ Two reels that are each 16.4' long for a total of 32.8 ft
+ LED strips are cuttable every 3 LEDs
+ Approximately 6' power cord
+ 50,000 hour life span
+ 150 LED's over 5 meters (or 30 LED's per meter)

WHAT'S INCLUDED?2-16.4 ft reel of strip LED lights, remote control with numerous modes, colors, and options, power supply and infrared control (to be able to use the controller)

HOW DO THESE LIGHTS WORK?These are somewhat flexible. You just plug the socket into the electrical outlet, plug in the controller, and plug the light tape to the controller. Then unroll the tape and stick it where you intend (under cabinets, in crown molding, behind a television, etc.).

WHAT ARE SMD5050 LED LIGHTS AND HOW DO THESE COMPARE TO SOME OTHERS AVAILABLE FOR SALE?SMD is an acronym for surface mount diode. SMD's are the small LED's on the rolls of tape. The 5050 means that the packages are 5 millimeters x 5 millimeters. Bigger SMD's mean more light output, and SMD5050 are bigger than SMD3528 which are 3.5 millimeters by 2.8 millimeters.

MODES:There are modes called "Jump 3", "Jump 7", "Fade 3", "Fade 7", "Flash", and "Auto". The numbers with each mode pertain to the transition between 7 colors or the 3 primary colors.

LED's PER METER:These LED lights have 150 LED's per 5 meters. There are options other sellers that offer up to 300 LED's per meters. You don't always need the extra LED's for every application, but they certainly don't hurt. The closer the lights the more the lights appears to be a constant strip of light rather than individual lights. It also puts out more lumens of light. Keep in mind that the controller also lets you dim them if you want subtle mood lighting at night.

MOUNTING THESE STRIP LIGHTS:If you are mounting these facing upwards, clean the surface, removing the backing and stick them where you'd like them. However, if you are mounting them facing downwards (for instance, under cabinets) then the tape alone may not hold them for a long amont of time. You’ll want to get a glue, screw-in mounting brackets, clips, or aluminum channels with covers.

CUTTING THE STRIPSYou can also cut the light strips into any length you want (every 3 SMDs, on the designated cut lines) with scissors. If you are merely cutting your strip shorter, nothing else needs to be done. However, if you cutting and attaching pieces (for instance, to make a 90 degree turn), then you need to attach a connecting wire between the two cut sections. You can buy cheap 22-guage insulated color-coded RGBB wire for this purpose, and you can buy solder-less connectors either pre-wired or for soldering yourself.

CONCLUSION:There are several things I like about this set (2 reels of LED strips lights for an inexpensive price), a remote control, tons of functions, etc. However, I do have to note that the DIY buttons don't work (or at least don't for me), I prefer the SMD5050 strip lights with 300 LED's per 5 meters, and I wish it had another power adapter. None of those things are surprising given the price, but it is worth mentioning to potential buyers.

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