Tuesday, May 10, 2016

DBPOWER RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

o Introduction
   - DBPower App – 0:05
   - Calibrating drone to align rotors – 1:03
   - Identifying front/back of drone (affects “steering”) – 1:31
   - Conroller buttons – 1:38
o Flight Demonstrations – 2:17
o Review/Conclusion – 4:21

The drone, camera (installed), mini SD card with USB card reader (for viewing on your computer, transmitter (i.e. remote controller), two 350mAh batteries and one USB charger and spare parts (4 extra blades, a small screwdriver for unscrewing the battery terminal, allen's wrench for repairs)

1. Gravity Induction Mode - Fly your drone by tilting your phone
2. 360 stunts - press a button and the drone will do flips (forward, sideways or backwards depending on the direction you choose)
3. Headless mode - operate the drone without worrying about orientation, or which side is front/back. This is great for beginners. So how does this work? Let's use an example; if your drone takes off and turns left, if you hit the forward button it would continue going left. However, in headless mode, when you hit the forward button it would continue to go forward. It can get confusing knowing which direction the drone is oriented in the beginning, so this is nice feature.
4. Return home function - you must be in Headless mode to use this. When you hold the home button, the drone will return and land near the transmitter.
5. Low battery indicator - the transmitter beeps when the battery is getting low. That's important, because if the battery dies your drone might come crashing down if you don't land it.
6. Speed settings - high and low

Two batteries come with the drone. Each battery charges in under an hour (50 minutes). The run time is around 8 minutes, give or take. Some others have mentioned the battery lasting 5 minutes, but I think that's a bit on the low side for what it actually gets. Should you want extra batteries, they are available on Amazon (or you can click here)

Starting out - This drone takes some time to learn how to fly, particularly if you have never flown a drone before. It took me about an hour to get comfortable. I'm by no means a master, but I feel much more comfortable flying and maneuvering the drone. This drone is very fast! It takes practice getting used to controlling the height while also maintaining proper orientation (knowing where the front of the plane is). There are settings I mentioned above that help out with that though. I wondered how long this drone would last when I saw it and picked it up. I imagined many crash landings (which actually happened). However, this drone has held up quite well. Beyond nicking up the propellers, there isn't any noticeable damage. The landing gear works surprisingly well!

Camera/Video - The drone comes with a camera for taking pictures or video. It also includes a micro SD card and a card reader. After taking the pictures/video, insert the micro sd card into the USB card reader. You can then insert it into your computer and obtain the pictures video. I have attached a sample picture for your reference.

Flying experience - Overall, this drone is so much fun to fly. I have had a lot of fun! My 7-year old neighbor was fascinated by me flying the drone, so he asked if he could try. Knowing how long it took me to get the hang of it (I put it in the gutter once), I was hesitant to let him try. I did though. He picked it up really quick. Much quicker than I did. He had a couple minor crash landings, but otherwise did really well. I kicked him off when he called me "elderly" :).

There are many drones on the market. I can't tell you this is better or worse than those. All I know is this is so much fun to fly. I hope this review was helpful!

Available on amazon by clicking here

I received this product for free for purposes of testing and reviewing. However, the opinions expressed herein were formulated based on use of the product. I welcome all suggestions, feedback and/or product questions!
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