Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cancer Sucks (Part 2)

In a previous post (found here), I talked a bit about the cancer diagnosis and treatment for my neighbor, Amber. I wanted to give a bit of an update with this post. Not necessarily about the diagnosis or treatment, but about a party we threw for her. Back in March when I had heard that the cancer had returned. I began planning a party with some of the residents on my street and some of Amber's family members. The first date fell through, because many of the parents on the street had to work a festival for their children's we rescheduled for tonight (May 21).

I smoked some pulled pork and everyone brought a dish. I designed some t-shirts to by made and everyone ordered them (see the pictures below). I got a shirt for her, her husband and children. I also got an adult coloring book, coloring pencils and pens and a gift certificate to a nice restaurant. I had tons of people ask to buy these shirts after she posted them on her Facebook page. I really liked the design, so I feel good knowing that others did as well. I knew this would be hard work, but I am slick worn out! It was more than I even thought. However, it was great to see everyone and to give Amber some peace of mind. I could tell she had a great time.

Tonight, we raised a bit of money with a split the pot for her to go enjoy with her family. Oh and the food turned out great! I'm a novice BBQ'er, but I was pleased with how it turned out. I even liked the homemade BBQ sauce better than the almost 20 store-bought BBQ sauces I've tried over the years. One day, I will write a post about my smoker (that I love)! For now, I just want to sleep peacefully knowing that everyone enjoyed the get together, we didn't run out of food and the rain held off (I was so worried about that)!

P.S. I also fixed up and painted some cornhole boards. 

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