Saturday, December 10, 2016

Muddy VS360 Hunting Ground Blind

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9 stakes,the blind with a pop-up hub, a carrying case (with shoulder straps)

77” Shooting Width x 70” Standing Height
19.5 lbs

This blind is opened via a zipper that runs north to south (or vice versa). The zipper seems fairly rugged and quiet. The windows are in two sections per side (8 window sections total). Each section has two small velcro tabs on top and 2 on the bottom of the window (approximately 1" x 1") and it shares another velcro tab on top and bottom with the other window section. The windows also secure via thin plastic hooks. The plastic hooks attach to the blind via elastic nylon and hook into another loop of elastic nylon.

I love the idea of this being fairly quiet to open and a 360 degree view, but the windows don't secure well enough in my opinion. The stitching of the elastic tabs for the hooks and tie downs are not sufficient. Additionally, the small velcro tabs aren't sufficient to secure the windows. Any moderate wind above 15 or so mph tends to tear off many of the hooks from the blind and detaches the small velcro tabs. This has led to my blind turning into a parachute where the blind catches the wind and blows away.

+ Sliding Mesh Outer Windows
+ Fairly Quiet to Enter and Open Windows
+ Spacious enough for 2 people (could squeeze a third in potentially if you aren't bowhunting)
+ The option to open up the windows to view 360 degrees (hence the name)
+ Quick setup and take down
+ 2 pockets for storing small items like a range finder (I don't find it super useful but some people might use it)
+ I read reviews on some other blinds where the pinholes where the stitching in the roof leaks. This hasn't happened to me with this blind.
+ Includes a carrying case

- Stakes are thin, bend easy and don't hold the blind down well
- Tie downs are not well stitched to the blind (prone to breaking off and the blind blowing away)
- Window clips break off easily in strong winds

I find that the blind material is a "medium thickness". It's not super thick by any means, but it's not trash bag thin either. I know that's a vague description, but it's tough to describe. I'd expect to get 3-5 years out of the blind material if left out in the elements for long periods of time if not for the poorly stitched/secured tie downs and window loops.

I really like the idea of this blind: the spacious interior, relatively quiet entrance, 360 degree view, etc. However, muddy needs to figure out a better way to secure the hooks and tie downs to the blind. These pieces just rip off the blind too easily. The velcro isn't big enough to secure the windows either. The small velcro tabs aren't too noisy to open which I like, but it's just not enough to keep the windows closed unfortunately. The stakes are too thin and easily bent. I recommend upgrading if you do buy this blind.

I think this blind would be good for those that don't intend to leave the blind out for long periods of time or those that with the ability to take it down in inclement weather (likely those turkey hunting because turkeys accept a hunting blind in a new location). The 360 degree windows are fantastic for viewing game and they are a good height for both adults and children.

If you intend to leave your blind out in all sorts of weather, I think you might want another blind. I haven't tried this blind in snow so I can't speak to the ability of the roof to hold snowfall. However, this blind doesn't hold up well to moderate winds of about 20 degrees. The stitching needs reinforcing.

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